Sponsor Spotlight: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Hi everyone! We are very pleased to publicly announce Houghton Mifflin Harcourt as one of our Silver sponsors.

HMH has helped us not only financially but by encouraging its employees to participate in the CFP process. We would like to sincerely thank HMH for becoming one of our Silver sponsors because, without their support, this event would not be possible. As a sponsor of JSDayIE and one of the best employers in Ireland, HMH is contributing to the healthy growth of the JS community in Ireland.

Below you will find some imformation about the relationship between HMH and the JavaScript community in Ireland.

What is HMH and what do you do?

For more than 185 years, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, The Learning Company has inspired all learners to activate curiosity, elevate potential, and find their moments of brilliance and breakthrough. With our magnitude of influence comes great social responsibility—to nurture, develop, and grow the purposeful, empathetic, and determined citizens of tomorrow.

HMH Engineering is focused on building software to create next generation learning experiences that align to the way today’s teachers want to teach, and all the ways today’s students learn best.

In Dublin, we have an engineering & delivery team of over 150 people, working in our city centre offices in 152-160 Pearse St., Dublin 2. (Close to Pearse St. Dart & Tesco Express on Pearse Street).

Our, Agile self-contained engineers and delivery teams, love solving problems and building high quality products and services. Together, we design, build and support custom applications and services, used every day by millions of people worldwide. Find out more from our UI, QE, Java and Data Engineers by checking out our HMH Engineering Blog.

How is HMH connected to the JS community in Ireland?

HMH has learning at our core, and we are passionate about sharing that with others and learning from others. Our employee development and growth program provide us with the resources and opportunities to actively engage with the tech community in Dublin.

We regularly host meetups in our Pearse Street offices, such as Node School, Test Heads and ReasonML as well as speaking at events such as JS Dublin, UXDX etc.

You can hear from some of our UI Engineers at https://hmh.engineering/.

Why is HMH excited for JSDayIE?

We are very excited to be Silver Sponsors for the first JS Day event to be hosted in Dublin.

In addition to sponsoring, HMH Engineering are thrilled to have our very own Cristina Bernardis speak at the event. She will be talking about her passion, codemods, in the talk "jscodeshift, automated refactoring".

We are looking forward to meeting fellow JS/ UI enthusiasts and sharing and learning from the Dublin JS community. For more visit https://careers.hmhco.com/.