Sponsor Spotlight: Intercom

Hi everyone! We are very pleased to publicly announce Intercom as one of our Silver sponsors.

We would like to sincerely thank Intercom for becoming one of our Silver sponsors because, without their support, this event would not be possible. As a sponsor of JSDayIE and one of the main members of the JavaScript community in Ireland, Intercom is contributing to the healthy growth of the JS community in Ireland.

Below you will find some imformation about the relationship between Intercom and the JavaScript community in Ireland.

What is Intercom and what they do?

Thanks to the internet, the way people communicate is drastically different than it was 10, even 5 years ago. Messengers like WhatsApp have become the preferred mode of communication in every aspect of consumers’ lives, and now that switch is happening with businesses too.

Intercom builds a suite of products that all modern internet businesses can use to accelerate growth across the customer lifecycle, from acquisition, to engagement, and support.

Intercom takes a messaging-first approach, with deeply integrated best-in-class messenger, workflow and automation technologies, and an open ecosystem of apps, all powered by live customer data.

How is Intercom connected to the JS community in Ireland?

JavaScript is pivotal to Intercom’s day-to-day existence. It’s what we’d describe as a “core technology” but our usage of it has shifted over the years. From originally building Intercom using server rendered pages sprinkled with jQuery to having fully fledged client-side applications. The Intercom Messenger is built with React and our suite of teammate products are built using the Ember framework.

As JavaScript plays such a crucial role at Intercom, we’ve long strived to support the local JS community. We regularly host or sponsor meetups such as DublinJS, NodeJS Dublin, EmberJS Dublin, and Angular Dublin. Our team have also in the past gone out and shared their experiences at meetups and conferences around the country.

Why is Intercom excited for JSDayIE?

We’re very excited for JSDayIE for a number of reasons. To have a conference totally dedicated to JavaScript in Ireland is a seminal moment for the local JavaScript community. It’s a great opportunity to show the amazing work being done within the community and to come together on the day and share ideas. This event will make the JavaScript community here even stronger as we’ll have something to rally around.

We’re also excited that Intercomrade Gavin Joyce will be speaking at JSDayIE. He’ll be talking about the evolution of Ember usage at Intercom and how we’ve had great success with it. We took an early bet on Ember 5 years ago and have seen contributors to our Ember app grow from 3 to 200+. if we could go back to the beginning of Intercom’s history, we are confident we would choose Ember again.