Sponsor Spotlight: Microsoft Ireland

Hi everyone!

We are very pleased to publicly announce that Microsoft Ireland will sponsor JSDayIE at the highest level as our Diamond Sponsor.

Microsoft mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more and by supporting JSDayIE they are contributing to the healthy growth of the JavaScript community in Ireland benefits everyone. Employees, employers, third-party service providers, educational institutions, government agencies, etc.

We would like to truly thank Microsoft Ireland for empowering all the member of the JavaScript community in Ireland by helping us to create a forum in which we can learn from each other, collaborate and do business together.

Below you will find some information about the relationship between Microsoft Ireland and the JavaScript community in Ireland.

What is Microsoft and what do you do?

Microsoft employs over 2500 people in Ireland who strive to deliver our mission to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. We opened our doors here over 30 years ago, establishing our EMEA Operations Centre, our Datacentres and an ever-expanding Developer and Engineering team. With locations in both Dublin and Belfast, our aim is to support organisations across our island in gaining value from technology and to move their capabilities beyond what they thought was possible. Our Microsoft Azure platform is now one of the leading cloud providers globally, providing you the freedom to build, manage, and deploy applications on a massive, global network using your favourite tools and frameworks – no restrictions.

How is Microsoft connected to the JS community in Ireland?

We’re passionate about sharing our own learnings and experience to support growth within our industry and we see huge value in supporting the incredible talent pool that is the Irish market. From experience, the more connected we are to the community the more it enables us to get real insight on how we are engineering our services to better enable the developer community as a whole. Our aim here is always to share our knowledge and listen to your feedback.

We proactively run meetups, learning days, local webinars, free online training resources (from www.microsoft.com/learn) and bootcamps with the support of our local team, our partners and our community hero’s – the MVP’s!

Why is Microsoft excited for JSDayIE?

What’s not to be excited about! The JavaScript community is one of the most active technical communities in the country, with huge scope for growth and learning across the board. The day promises to be a great day, with a fantastic line up of speakers and technical experts.

Our team is looking forward to seeing you there and hopefully offer some insight, learning and guidance that can help you achieve more.

Microsoft Learn

Our mission is to empower every developer, architect, and IT administrator of all backgrounds and in every organization to achieve more. Keeping up with the rate of change in our industry can be difficult for even the most plugged-in professional. Trying to do so while juggling personal and professional obligations can be near impossible. We built Microsoft Learn so that you could have one stop for self-paced, guided learning on all of our platform products and services.