Sponsor Spotlight: Stelfox

Hi everyone! We are very pleased to publicly announce our first sponsor: Stelfox.

We started some conversations with Stelfox long before the event was publicly announced and the team was very supportive about this initiative from a very early stage. The Stelfox support has encouraged us to take the risks necessary to organize a big tech conference such as JSDayIE.

We would like to truly thank Stelfox for becoming one of our Platinum Plus sponsors because, without their support, this event would not be possible.

Below you will find some imformation about the relationship between Stelfox and the JavaScript community in Ireland.

What is Stelfox and what do you do?

Stelfox is a recruitment company with a particular focus on supporting the needs of technology-first organisations and job seekers. You can partner with us and gain access to our vast number of connections and experience in placing engineers in both permanent and contract roles.

Stelfox was founded in 2001 in Ireland, during the middle of an IT recession, by Lorraine Fitzpatrick (CEO), Keith Molony (Executive Chairman) and Liam Laffey (Executive Director). We operate in a number of European and global markets and the growth we’ve experienced over the last number of years has been amazing.

We have four main teams, led by our directors and managers, who together have more than 130 years of experience in recruitment. Our teams are permanent, contract, international and executive search with a client base that ranges from early-stage start-ups through to global blue-chip leaders.

Our team of consultants work tirelessly to help candidates find the right job for them and also help clients find the best people to join their staff.

How is Stelfox connected to the JS community in Ireland?

You cannot work in the IT industry for as long as we have without developing a strong connection with the JS community. We’ve placed hundreds of individual JavaScript engineers over the years and many are still with us.

It’s been quite a journey to bring so many JavaScript users from their first role all the way through to leadership jobs that some currently occupy. Now, when we get a call about JS roles becoming available, we probably already know who to call. If not, our consultants will know the best place to begin the search from the mapping of their market.

Not only have we been able to help place JS engineers at every stage of their careers but we’ve also been active in the community by supporting various meetups and connecting our clients to the community.

Stelfox has a culture of life-long learning at its core and that’s something we admire about those that focus on JavaScript too. You never stop learning and you never stop trying to find a better way to do things.

Almost every day we have a new JS role being uploaded to the Stelfox website and job boards and many developers check out our live jobs as part of their daily routine. After all, we might be able to place you in a better fit for your experience and skill set.

Why is Stelfox excited for JSDayIE?

What excites us most about JSDayIE is that it is truly education based with a focus on developers. It’s clear that this conference is different from anything else that’s ever been held in Ireland. All the content geared to helping you, the people that do the actual coding work.

With a guaranteed great line up of speakers and educators, we could not be more excited to learn from those who are creating the roadmap for the future.

The Stelfox Team look forward to meeting you at JSDayIE and hopefully working with you to unleash your unlimited potential.

Find out more about Stelfox and search their live jobs here.