10 Reasons to sponsor JSDayIE 2023

The top priority for JSDayIE is the attendee experience, with great food, drinks, talks, swag, and community. JSDayIE is a one-day single-track conference hosted in The Round Room at The Mansion House, Dawson Street, Dublin.

JSDayIE carefully curates talks that inspire and inform the audience in an intimate feeling where each attendee has time to meet one another (only 350 tickets are available).

Compared to most conferences, JSDayIE sponsorship provides high-value authentic interactions with attendees for a relatively low investment. Sponsoring JSDayIE is a great way to contribute to the healthy growth of the JavaScript community in Ireland. Please join us in creating a fantastic experience for every attendee. Sponsoring offers a unique opportunity to expose your brand and find talent specialized in JavaScript technologies in Ireland.

1. Contribute to the healthy growth of the JavaScript community in Ireland

Contributing to the healthy growth of the JavaScript community in Ireland benefits everyone. Employees, employers, third-party service providers, educational institutions, government agencies, etc.

2. Solidify your commitment to the JavaScript community in Ireland

JSDayIE would not be possible without the financial commitment of Sponsors, and so there is inherent respect from all attendees for those that step up and commit funds to enable them to have a forum in which to do business. In turn, that commitment helps to solidify your company as a legitimate resource for industry solutions.

3. Improve your brand awareness

Sponsoring gives your business authority in your industry, and this boosts your credibility. Your brand will be seen throughout various elements of the event and attendees eager to learn more about your business will come to find you.

4. Find the best JavaScript talent

Get a unique chance to access a pool of experienced JavaScript engineers. Meet your potential hires in person. Industry events attract high-caliber attendees, some of whom may be looking to advance their careers when an opportunity arises, and by Sponsoring you are better positioned to attract those talented and experienced professionals to your company.

5. Communicate efficiently with top industry professionals

We expect 70% of our attendees to be intermediate level developers with years of expertise and 20% to be experts, holding senior and decision-making positions. Hiring, selling, investing or growing your network - it is a party that can not be missed.

6. Reaffirm confidence among existing clients

Having a significant presence at JSDayIE shows your existing customers that your company is strong, reaffirming their confidence in doing business with you. This is also important for national and international clients that do not see you face to face that often.

There is a chance that you will have the opportunity to speak with some of your current customers during the event. This will give you a great chance to reconnect and get feedback on how your service or product is performing. You can also use JsDayIE as an opportunity to educate your customers about any upcoming upgrades or releases.

7. Distract your competition

If you are Sponsoring and your competitors are not, you not only have a distinct advantage, but often your competitors spend more time obsessing over your superior visibility and who is visiting your exhibit space, than networking for themselves, further enhancing your advantage.

8. Benefit from pre-event & post-event exposure

While some conferences do more of this than others, an often overlooked advantage of Sponsorships packages is the brand recognition and visibility your company receives before the event even happens and follow up publicity. Sometimes, if you sign up early, you can benefit from months of additional recognition, which encourages even those not attending the event itself to research your company online and reach out for more information. In JSDayIE we work hard to ensure that your brand benefits from Sponsoring for many months before and after the event.

9. Present your products & technologies to a relevant audience

Sponsoring JSDayIE is a great way to generate quality leads because they’re full of people actively interested in learning and improving aspects of their business operations. Many of the people who attend our events are interested in learning more about new technologies, services, and solutions.

In the modern software development world, product and infrastructure decisions are often being driven by the actual team. From IDEs to multi-cloud deployment platforms - get a chance to pitch directly to the end user. You will have an opportunity to get out there, interact with event attendees and stand out amongst the crowd.

10. Deliver great ROI

Sponsoring a tech event such as JSDayIE can often be cheaper and have a higher return on investment (ROI) than a TV commercial or other above the line advertising methods. This is because tech events have a very specific target market. General advertising is usually less specific and therefore less likely to have a high concentration of your target audience.

Would you like to sponsor JSdayIE 2023?

Organizations are invited to help our event through sponsorship. Choose from our sponsor levels or propose your own. JSDayIE is open to creative sponsorship suggestions that retain our mission of providing the best possible experience for our attendees. Choice of sponsorship packages are on a first-come, first served basis, so sponsor early to get your choice and maximum marketing exposure throughout the year!

Please visit the sponsor page or contact us at info@jsday.ie to learn more about the available sponsoring opportunities.