JSDayIE is a single-track 1-day tech conference featuring 12 talks from some of the best JavaScript professionals!

08:001 hour--Registration & Breakfast
09:0025 minsSimona CotinKeynote
09:3025 minsMarian VillaThe new era of ML in JavaScript
10:0025 minsErica PisaniMoving to the Edge
10:2515 mins--Coffee Break
10:4025 minsGeorge McCarronBuilding Fast, Maintainable JavaScript Monorepos with Nx
11:1025 minsJosh GoldbergTypeScript Static Analysis Hidden Gems
11:4025 minsKateryna PorshnievaAlice's Adventures in Memoryland
12:0545 mins--Lunch Break
12:5025 minsRowdy RabouwBeats in the Browser - Coding Music with JavaScript
13:2025 minsChris LaughlinBun, Forrest, BUN!
13:5025 minsMilica MihajlijaOur future without passwords
14:1515 mins--Coffee Break
14:3025 minsLaura KalbagModelling a better night's sleep: building a white noise machine with state machines
15:0025 minsSerg HospodaretsFront-End Platform Engineering
15:3025 minsKathleen McMahonBye-bye, weeds! Digital Gardening with Astro, SolidJS & MDX
15:555 mins--Closing Remarks
16:004 hours--After Party at Cafe en Seine
18:001 hour--JSAwardsIE 2023 at Cafe en Seine
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This year we are very proud to announce that our Master of ceremonies will be Davy Engone. He has extensive experience producing video and audio content for the developer community and public speaking engagements. He is an enthusiastic and energetic software developer and entrepreneur with a great personality and lots of positive energy. We are delighted to have him on board!

Davy Engone

Founder @ Hackages & Techlingo, Amsterdam 🇳🇱

Davy Engone

Master of Ceremonies