The event venue

JSDayIE 2023 will be hosted at The Round Room at The Mansion House in Dublin, Ireland.

the venue
the venue

The Round Room at The Mansion House is located in Dawson Street, right in the heart of Dublin and it is equipped with state-of-the-art lighting and audiovisual systems.

The after party venue

The after party will take place in just 100 meters away from The Round Room at Cafe en Seine.

the venue
the venue
the venue

Cafe en Seine, one of Dublin's most iconic and stunning venues. Nestled in the heart of Dublin's city centre on Dawson Street, Cafe en Seine was established in 1993 and quickly became a go-to destination for locals and visitors to the city.

Visit Dublin and discover Ireland

Joining JSDayIE 2023 provides you with a great excuse to explore Dublin and the rest of Ireland.

Visiting Dublin is like taking a great big breath of fresh air. Always invigorating, this Viking city is at once modern and historic, exciting and relaxing.

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