Sponsor Spotlight: Strata3

Hi everyone! We are very pleased to publicly announce Strata3 as one of our Gold sponsors.

We would like to sincerely thank Strata3 for becoming one of our Gold sponsors because, without their support, this event would not be possible. As a sponsor of JSDayIE and Ireland’s leading independent digital agency, Strata3 is contributing to the healthy growth of the JS community in Ireland.

Below you will find some imformation about the relationship between Strata3 and the JavaScript community in Ireland.

What is Strata3 and what they do?

As Ireland’s leading independent digital agency, we provide our clients with tailored solutions ranging from digital consultancy & product innovation to digital performance.

Headquartered in Dublin, we are strategic partners for Tier-1 brands in telecommunications, banking, finance, transport and utility. As a full-service agency with over 50 staff & a deep network of digital associates our model is to create practical digital strategies for the long-term with a focus on early and measurable 'proof-points’ based on three pillars of digital consulting, innovation and performance.

Digital Transformation

Our digital consulting practice understand that many organisations are looking to transform towards a digital future at varying speeds and to different extents. Often, there is a need for a 2-speed approach to allow the tactical day-to-day business needs coexist with a longer-term strategic focus which is enshrined in our philosophy of ‘smart thinking & quick building’.

Digital Innovation

Our digital innovation & product teams recognise that brands and their customers expect differentiation in market for their digital assets and our desire to ‘innovate everywhere & become exemplars’ ensures that everything we create is best-in-class, always.

Digital Performance

Our digital performance team comprising web & data analysts, designers and developers create logical insights to help refine and optimise our client’s digital products in the live environment. We understand the need for measurable and progressive digital success, whether it be increased online sales, more qualified leads, conversions or reduced call-centre metrics requires a structured approach to ensure that post-launch ongoing refinement is conducted to ensure both commercial and experiential success for end-users.

We use research, design, development and data-led methodologies to devise technology strategies, product ideation, visualise customer experience maps, service design blueprints & user journeys, which are always focused on delivering business & user goals. As a committed and trusted partner to many Tier 1 organisations, Strata3 provides a full-service solution based on digital thinking, innovation and performance as constituent parts of a fully integrated service model.

How is Strata3 connected to the JS community in Ireland?

Strata3’s expertise and passion for JS development is integral to both our team development and client offerings. With a strong back catalogue of modern JS technology projects we strive to provide an elevated level of knowledge and proficiency. We are active within the Dublin tech and design communities and have previously sponsored the DublinJS meetup.

Why is Strata3 excited for JSDayIE?

Our team is looking forward to meeting other like-minded developers at JSDayIE and looking for opportunities to collaborate and innovate. We are also excited at the opportunity to expand our own understanding of what is happening in the industry right now.