JSDayIE aims to be an inclusive and accessible conference.

We understand that accessibility is a complex field and we realise that every person has their own unique needs. As a result, we do have some accessibility initiatives that help us to set a good baseline. For general services available at our conference, please see the services page.

Early bird tickets

If you couldn't buy an early bird ticket because your accessibility question couldn’t be resolved in time before they became unavailable, we're happy to make sure you can still buy an early bird ticket. Please get in touch if this is relevant to you.

Personal assistance / support person

Any assistant personnel accompanying you won't need to purchase an additional conference ticket. We just need to know they'll be attending, please let us know.

A support person is necessary to protect the health and safety of the person with impairments/disabilities during the travel and/or events.

Venue description

Our main event occurs at The Round Room at the Mansion House, Dawson St, Dublin 2 in a 750 square meter free standing hall. The main hall includes the main stage, the sponsor booths, and an open area for breakfast, lunch and coffee breaks.


The event space is equipped with clear signage pointing to everything you might require to find.

Noise, sounds and lights

During the conference opening and closing and during lunch at least all our 450 attendees, speakers and personnel will be in the main hall at the same time. That is: it will be busy and noisy for at least these times.

During the talks, the audio from the main stage will be audible in the background throughout the main hall. During the breaks, our audio/video artists will add ambient sound and lighting. We are working with our artists to keep it as relaxed as possible.

Outside light sources will be dimmed in the main hall during the day, but there are multiple outside areas for people to recharge on sunlight.

To get an impression for what it could look, feel and sound like to be at the event, please see our venue page.

Access for wheelchair users and people with reduced mobility

We make sure that the main conference is well accessible to wheelchair users and people with reduced mobility, by both checking with the venue owner and by visiting them personally beforehand.

Resting seats

For people who need frequent stops and rests, our main venue is equipped with seating throughout.

Live captions / transcriptions

For people with hearing impairments and for people who prefer reading subtitles, we provide real time presentation captioning. Transcriptions will be available in our videos once we upload them to our youtube channel.

Sign language

Due to the variety of sign languages and unpredictability of actual needs, we do not offer any dedicated sign language interpretation at the moment, but we are open to discussing options with anyone who makes this a requirement for attendance. Please get in touch.

Contact us

If you are interested in our conferences and have any kind of accessibility question or suggestion (that isn't sufficiently answered above), and that needs to be resolved before you can attend, please get in touch at info@jsday.ie.

We would love to welcome you to our conferences!